The aim of this club is to introduce students of economics at UMSL to the world of building and simulating macroeconomic models. In modern macroeconomics the skills of knowing how to build models is a necessary one in academia and the private sector as well. For this end, various computer software are used that range from open source general programming languages to specialized programs.

During weekly sessions we are going to cover:

  1. The basics of calculus and linear algebra that are necessary to solve and simulate models;

  2. The basic of the Matlab syntax;

  3. Time series econometrics in Matlab;

  4. Log-linearization of non-linear systems of equations;

  5. Model solution methods;

  6. Reproduction of the results of journal articles;

  7. Introduction to programming in Python.

The Macro Club will meet once a week for a two hour session throughout the 2017/2018 academic year in the ERC at UMSL. If interested in joining, one can register with an email address at the link below.

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